Our Company

NuevoMR is a small consulting firm in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We have particular expertise in working with permanent magnets for magnetic resonance applications, and over the years have picked up reasonable skills in experimental design and analysis and software for experiment control, as well as experience in patent application generation, and some level of ability in mechanical and electrical design and construction. We also have contacts with a variety of experts in areas of importance for applied magnetic resonance devices.

I started NuevoMR in order to have the time, space, and resources to address outstanding challenges in the area of permanent magnet magnetic resonance devices. The topics we've been focussed on are those that came up many times during my past work for other companies, where I had become frustrated with the fact that we never were able to take the time to get to the bottom of things and make real, fundamental progress. Now, being able to take the time to pursue promising leads, we are seeing the development of real solutions.

A number of these new technologies are ready for application in "real-world" magnets, and we are seeking opportunties to use our approaches to solve your seemingly intractable magnet problems.

Our philosophy

Our approach is to pursue interesting projects that appear to have a good chance of making a significant impact in the field. We like to pursue solutions that run counter to the status quo, but to do so effectively, we seek to understand the fundamental principles that established that status quo. Often, this understanding explains why the old ways are no longer effective, and generates new ideas for better methods. To keep the work grounded, we seek out problems whose source is outside our lab, so that others will be interested in applying our results or licensing our technology. We also welcome collaborations. We have worked in a wide variety of professional situations, including academia, large and small companies, as well as startups, so we ready to accommodate a range of time, budget, IP, and other constraints


As of March 2019, NuevoMR has moved to a larger (1250 sq. ft.) space that we updated specifically for experimentation, analysis, and mechanical and electrical construction and testing. Due to its low overhead, NuevoMR can offer a flexible and relatively low cost structure. Working with NuevoMR allows the client to access world-class, wide-ranging experience and the associated instrumentation to solve their particular problems, without requiring the investment in employees, space, and equipment required for an in-house applications-development lab.